SHRM 2012 – Tweets & Insights

#SHRM12 you can’t CAN’T communicate. Even when you are silent that is a message

#SHRM12 -(screams) i see the stars! -they stole our tent you idiot! Be thankful to stolen tent, now you can see something you never noticed

Daha HR’in masada olması, business partner olması tartışılırken SHRM CEOsu vizyonu ortaya koydu: leading business to the future! #SHRM12

#SHRM12 only 33% of your employees are actively engaged. Most imp drive for engagement is feeling one’s manager is caring for his wellbeing

#SHRM12 bas is stronger than good. Getting rid of bad people is probably even more crucial than bringing great people. Even if they are hipo

#SHRM12 “what happens on a great day?” 76% answers: progress. Making progress has a huge effect on engagement.

#SHRM12 engaged employees gave 57% more effort

#SHRM12 87% employees looking to leave their jobs believe that there is no trust in the organization #engagement

#SHRM12 to build trust: act in alignment w/values, communicate honestly, link work to a larger purpose #engagement

#SHRM12 rather than satisfaction surveys, ask employees: describe what U enjoy about working here in 3 words

#shrm12 Ceo complaint:HR always comes w/ problems not opportunities. İ wish they come with initiatives to affect bottomline: leading change

#shrm12 Malcolm Gladwell on stage

#shrm12 Malcolm Gladwell: compare civil rights movement with occupy. CR leaded by strong leadership of Ml King, does occupy need a leader?

#shrm12 Malcolm Gladwell: + a fundamental shift in paradigm,the way people see the world. you still tell new gen not to do sth in workplace?

#shrm12 Gladwell: default notion of old gen was hierarchy: need to be accepted+disciplined+centralized. 1 guy @top GenY far from this notion

#shrm12 Malcolm Gladwell: encyclopedia for old gen: info from expert, for genY info from anyone.No special need to look for authority/expert

#shrm12 Malcolm Gladwell: old gen – hierarchy, genY – networks. Paradigm shift. None better than the other. They depend and learn from peers

#SHRM12 Google’s mission: to organize world’s info &make it accessible. Make it simple &meaningful rather than using fancy long expressions

#SHRM12 progress vs setbacks determines the very best vs worst days at work respectively: progress principle

Listening to @RyanEstis (@ #SHRM12 Annual Conference &Exposition (SHRM) w/ 17 others)

#SHRM12 social media session of @RyanEstis is half full, proving that HR professionals didnt get the importance of SoMe &the new world yet

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis ask What do u like to do when u are not working rather than what do U do- 70% is disengaged: hates to talk about work

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis Mayo Clinic’s people in ‘i love my job’ video are admins, not in healthcare services yet feeling connected to vision

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis are U banning social media at work? There is an app for that in their smartphones 🙂

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis what vs how. How U do things becoming more important than what.What is offered by others &ultimately be commoditized

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis if U are on social media we expect answers. İf U wont answer, dont be here. Better than making me feel ‘u dont care’

#SHRM12 via @RyanEstis performance reviews are irrelevant for genY. They need feedback more frequently

#SHRM12 ask people to tweet and ask same people to turn off the mobiles during the sessions?

#SHRM12 Analyze satisfaction surveys in 2 groups: high and low performers. Taking action towards low scores of high performers

#SHRM12 great leaders are disciplined people. Dont mix discipline w/bureucracy, bureucracy is to organize undisciplined people- Jim Collins

#SHRM12 – Jim Collins: extra factor for great leaders is humility. Humility to ask others’ opinion rather than dictating what to do

#SHRM12 – Jim Collins: the true sign of mediocrity (in leadership) is inconsistency

#shrm12 Jim Collins: Right people dont need to be tightly managed. They dont have jobs butvresponsibilities&they do what they say they’ll do

#SHRM12 – Jim Collins: everybody is lucky. The question is what are you going to do when you are hit by luck

#SHRM12 – Jim Collins: anyone didnt do sth creative @age5? Creativity is natural &abundant. But U have to be disciplined to develop it

#SHRM12 the war for talent has ended — talent won. Green line in graph represents business

#SHRM12 we dont have a problem with people. We have people. We dont have talent #talentwar

#SHRM12 “my daughter’s math hw comes as an app on iPad”. Where is everybody? Leverage technology. Office is a verb now,sth we do,not a place

#SHRM12 redefined workforce has redefined workplace. A Starbucks has formed a meeting room upon request, used free of change, full everyday

#SHRM12 iPad is the assembly tool of 50’s, it is nothing without someone using it. Productivity in the hands of employee

#SHRM12 millenials change jobs every 2.4 years. Find ways ti keep him – offer different jon perhaps

#SHRM12 the importance of “meaning” global average 48%. The managers will now start managing 😉 “dont manage me #understand me”

#SHRM12 a new perspective for HR – Talent Supply Chain Management. Be a supply chain manager

#SHRM12 my recent tweets are from the session presented by @LanceJRichards . Insightful, inspiring!

#SHRM12 Managing By Wandering Around: MBWA 🙂 they interact &observe &then provide feedback and mentoring timely

#SHRM12 -What if I yarın them and they leave? – What if you dont and they dont leave

#SHRM12 one person cannot make an organization but one can fail whole organization

#SHRM12 the best performance appraisal format &procedure is the one that is easy for managers & employees to understand &use

#SHRM12 are U telling me that i did this wrong last year during the annual performance review? It’s been 12 months &it has become a habit!

#SHRM12 ask them what they need to achieve the goals. If they say none, that is a commitment, you have their buy-in


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